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Aberdeen’s Planning & Inspections Department is committed to a community-based planning approach that focuses on the following overarching goals:
  • Employing principles and decision-making that enhance the quality of life for our citizens;
  • Balancing quality growth with conservation/preservation of the community’s unique character; 
  • Encouraging quality development in keeping with the goals of the community; 
  • Promoting the highest ethical and professional standards with the objective of instilling public trust; 
  • Providing professional advice and technical expertise to elected officials and appointed boards to assist them in making informed decisions in the best interest of the citizenry; 
  • Fairly and consistently applying the Town’s regulations and policies; 
  • Maintaining a high standard of responsiveness to the public based on a customer service philosophy; 
  • Representing and advocating for the community on a regional scale.
This ePortal offers 24-hour access to your permits and development projects. Some information on cases may be viewed by anyone accessing the site; however, you must create an account for more in-depth functionality such as viewing progress on plan reviews, print permit (after issued), schedule and cancel inspections and print an invoice or receipt.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Register to create an account.
Companies may choose either to create a company account or individual accounts.
Option A (preferred method):
Create an account with a single user name and password which will be used by all company staff
Option B:
Create an account for each staff member with individual user name and password. With this option EACH staff member that will need to view a specific permit or planning case will need to be added to the case.
Certain users (Applicant, Owner, General Contractor) who have registered for ePortal and are associated with the permit or plan case may add additional registered contacts through the portal.
Step 2: Receive confirmation of registration email.

Step 3: Once registration is approved by staff, receive an approval email.

Step 4: Log on to the ePortal site.
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