Billing Procedures:

The Town of Aberdeen is on a bi-monthly billing cycle. 

Water rates are set on a sliding scale, according to volume used. Sewer rates are set on a sliding scale, according to each thousand gallons of water used.

Residential and Business customers are billed bi-monthly.  Bills are mailed on the first working day of every other  month and are considered past due on the 20th of the month at 5:00 p.m.  After the 20th of the month, a 5% penalty or $5.00, which ever is greater, will be added to the bill.  If payment is not received in the office by the 5th of the following month, service will be discontinued on the next working day.  If the 5th falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, the customer will be given until 5:00 p.m. on the next working day to pay their bill before water is cut off.  Once the account becomes delinquent and appears on the "cut-off list", the customer will be charged $25.00 to reconnect.  The bill, plus the reconnect fee, must be paid before service is restored. 

A $150 deposit and $20 processing fee ($170) is required for residents renting in Aberdeen in order to receive water service.  A $20 processing fee is required for residents that are buying in Aberdeen in order to receive water service.  The Town of Aberdeen will not be responsible for late, undelivered bills, or payments delayed by the U.S. Postal Service.

Bill Payment:

There are several ways to pay your bill:

     1.  Come to the Water and Billing Department, which has a drive-up window for your convenience, at 
          115 N. Poplar Street, Aberdeen and pay by cash, debit/credit card, check, or money order.

     2.  Mail your payment by check or money order to:
          Town of Aberdeen
          PO Box 785
          Aberdeen,  NC 28315

     3.  Set up a bank draft for your water account.  A voided blank check and a completed bank draft application is
          required to set up this service. Payments are drafted on the 15th of the billing month.  There is not an additional
          fee for bank draft.  For a bank draft application, click here. (Note: When signing up for bank draft, your account
          has to be pre-noted through your bank with a 00.00 charge one billing cycle prior to your account actually being
          drafted.  After the pre-note has occurred you are properly set up for bank draft.)

     4.  Make a deposit in the night drop box located by the drive-up window at 115 N. Poplar Street,
          Aberdeen.  It is emptied at 8:00 a.m. every business day.

     5.  Payment can be made online.  There is a $1.25 convenience fee charged per transaction. 

     6.  Payment can be made by telephone: 1-833-431-1748.  There is a $1.25 convenience fee charged per


All checks must have the account number written on it, so that the payment can be applied to the correct account.  Do not staple the check to your bill when mailing.

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