Town Benefits

Probationary Period: The probationary period for employees is six months.  Sworn law enforcement personnel also serve a six-month probationary period. 


Cost of Living Adjustment:  Pending Board approval each fiscal year, employees may receive a cost of living increase.  The amount of this increase varies.


Longevity Pay:  Regular, full time employees who have served the Town of Aberdeen and who have worked a minimum of 1,000 hours during the previous twelve months will receive longevity pay based on years of service with the Town as follows:


 Less than 3 years  $100    12 years  $1,200
 3 years
13 years  $1,300
 4 years  $300    14 years  $1,400
 5 years  $400    15 years  $1,500
 6 years  $500    16 years  $1,600
 7 years  $600    17 years  $1,700
 8 years
 $700    18 years  $1,800
 9 years  $800    19 years  $1,900
 10 years
 $900    20 years  $2,000
 11 years  $1,100    21+ years  $2,500


Vacation:  Vacation leave is accrued per pay period and is based on years of service.  Probationary employees are not eligible to use vacation leave during their probationary period.  Vacation leave accrual rates are as follows:


 Years employed  Accumulation per pay period Days Per Year
 0 -1 Year  1.55 hours  5
 1 - 5 Years  3.10 hours  10
 5 - 10 Years
 3.70 hours  12
 10 - 15 Years
 4.62 hours  15
 15 - 20 Years
 5.54 hours  18
 20 - 25 Years  6.77 hours  22
 25 and over  7.69 hours  25

Sick Leave: 
Twelve (12) days sick leave are earned per year.  Sick leave may be taken in fifteen-minute increments.  The Town accepts sick leave transfers from other N.C. local government employers.


Holidays:  Twelve (12) paid holidays per year.

Pretax Premiums: 
The Town deducts your portion of dependent health and dental insurance premiums (if applicable) on a pre-tax basis. Your take home pay is increased because the premium is deducted from your gross pay, reducing your taxable income, thus reducing the amount of Social Security, Federal, and State taxes that are withheld.


Flexible Spending Accounts: The Town offers Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts to cover the employee and his/her family members.  This plan allows employees to set aside money on a pre-tax basis for any anticipated medical and childcare costs that the employee expects to incur during the year. The plan can save an employee up to 30% in taxes.


Hospitalization/Health Insurance:  Medical insurance is paid by the Town of Aberdeen for all full-time employees.  The Town offers MedCost Insurance to all full-time employees and eligible dependents.  Any additional medical coverage for dependent/spouse/family may be either a pre-tax or post-tax payroll deduction.  The coverage is effective thirty days following the date of employment. 

Dental Insurance: The Town pays for dental insurance for all full-time employees. Employees may elect to cover their eligible dependents at their own expense through payroll deduction and on either a  pre-tax or post-tax basis.  The coverage is effective thirty days following the date of employment. 


Life  Insurance:  All full-time employees receive a term life insurance policy in the amount of 1 times their annual salary paid for by the Town, which is also effective thirty days following employment. The employee may purchase $20,000 coverage for a spouse and $5,000 for each eligible dependent child for $4.20 per month.


Supplemental life insurance coverage up to $150,000 is also available through Colonial Life at the employee's expense.  Dependent and/or supplemental coverage is paid through payroll deduction.  Please contact Human Resources if you would like supplemental life insurance.


Disability Insurance: The Town offers supplemental disability insurance through Colonial Life and it is available each year during open enrollment or within 15 days of employment at the employee's expense.  Premiums are payroll deducted with pre-tax dollars. Please contact Human Resources within 15 days of employment if you would like disability or accident/sickness insurance.


Retirement:  All full-time employees and part-time employees working a minimum of 1000 hours per year are covered under the North Carolina Local Governmental Employees' Retirement System beginning.   The Town of Aberdeen makes a 11.41% contribution for local government employees and 12.04% for law enforcement employees.  The employee contributes 6% of his/her paycheck into their own retirement account.  This is a pre-tax deduction that reduces the amount of Federal and State taxes you pay helping to minimize the impact your contribution has on your earnings.


Supplemental Retirement Plan 401(k):  The Town makes a 5% contribution to the State administered 401(k) plan for all full-time sworn law enforcement employees and a 5% contribution is made for general employees concurrent to the effective date in the Retirement System.  Employees may make additional pre-tax contributions within the limits of the plan's guidelines through payroll deduction.  Employees are able to select the investment options for these contributions. 


Credit Union:  Town of Aberdeen employees are eligible to join the North Carolina Local Government Employees Credit Union (LGCU) at any State Employees Credit Union branch.  You must provide a pay stub for employment verification in order to join.  The Credit Union offers a variety of very competitive services and programs. Loans through the LGCU may be payroll deducted.


Direct Deposit:  All new employees are required to have their paycheck direct deposited into the account of their choice. The amount of the payroll check can be deposited into any checking or savings account.


Educational Assistance:  Full-time regular employees may apply for educational assistance and educational leave.  Courses relating to the present job or a future position within the Town or to further an employee's education are considered eligible courses to pursue.  The Town of Aberdeen will pay for all of the first $150 of eligible costs for each fiscal year and 1/2 of any remaining eligible expenses up to a maximum of $1000 per fiscal year.  Employees must have a "C" or better in each course in order to receive reimbursement.  Employees are required to work with the Town for 1 year after receiving reimbursement.


Chamber Member Discounts:  Member discounts are available at a variety of companies, including local merchants and restaurants by showing their Chamber of Commerce Member Discount Card.


Workers' Compensation:  All employees are covered by Worker's Compensation from the date of employment.  Employees injured on the job must report the accident to their supervisor immediately or as soon as it is practical.  Health insurance does not cover on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Employees who have lost time and are injured on the job, and their injury is determined to be compensable under NC Workers' Comp law, are eligible for Workers' Comp pay which begins on the 8th full calendar day of absence. Workers' Comp pay is two thirds (66%) of average weekly wage at the time of the injury. Sick leave (vacation and/or comp if sick leave is insufficient) must be used during any normal workdays that fall within the 1st seven calendar days from the date of injury.




For questions concerning any of these benefits, please contact HR Director Regina Rosy at 910-944-4515 or e-mail:  [email protected].

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