Fire Prevention

A Parents Guide to Fire Safety for Toddlers and Babies

USFA campaign for Toddler and Baby Safety A child under the age of five is twice as likely to die in a residential fire than the rest of the population.

The campaign's slogan: “Prepare. Practice. Prevent the Unthinkable.” urges parents and caregivers to prepare by installing and maintaining working smoke alarms; safely storing lighters and matches out of children's reach and sight; and practicing a fire escape plan with small children, which should include helping toddlers understand how to quickly respond in case of fire, and planning how adults can escape with babies.

Information About Smoke Alarms

Home Fire Escape Planning


Prevent Fire - Save Lives  USFA's campaign for Mature (over 50) Adults

USFA campaign for Mature Adults At age 50 you’ve worked for years to enjoy the freedom and experiences life has to offer. At age 65 you’ve become a mover and shaker—meeting new people, traveling, spending time with the grandchildren and learning new hobbies. Don’t let your years of memories and your life today go up in flames.

As you age, your risk of death from fire increases significantly. Practice safe smoking, safe cooking, and safe heating in your home. With a little fire safety know-how and this web site, you can help save lives from unintentional fire death, including your own.

I am over 50 years old

Fire Escape Grid Plan

More Fire Safety Tips:

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