Fire Inspections

Every year businesses in the Town of Aberdeen are visited by the fire inspector for an annual Fire Safety Survey.  The purpose of this survey is to verify that the use and maintenance of the building complies with the important fire and life safety requirements of the Uniform Fire Code, as adopted by the Town of Aberdeen.  Special attention is given to hazards that pose serious fire and life safety threat to the building, the occupants, and surrounding neighbors.  The survey also provides firefighters and the fire department information which will enable them to respond to an emergency in a fast, safe and efficient manner.

Compliance with the Uniform Fire Code requirements is mandatory.  Fire code violations are against the law, and serious violations or the need for repeated follow-up surveys, can result in a criminal summons being issued for the violations. 

Taking the time using the detailed checklists provided and addressing any hazards or violations before your annual visit will help ensure that you are minimizing any threats that could be potentially harmful.  Every effort will be made to work with you toward compliance, and you can feel free to call the fire inspector here at the department if you have any questions in regards to your survey or other concerns you may have.

Frequent Uniform Code Violations - Quick Checklist

  • Keep exits clear - remove all trash, furniture, and other items that are blocking aisles, hallways and doors.

  • Remove chains, bars, slide bolts, dead bolts or other latches that prohibit an occupant from easily exiting through a door.

  • Replace burned out EXIT sign and emergency light bulbs, or back up battery.

  • Building addresses and suite numbers must be posted with large numbers/letters that are visible from the street, they need to be reflective and have a contrasting background. Minimum size 4 inches

  • Fire protection systems (fire sprinklers, fire alarms, etc) must be inspected annually by a licensed contractor- check for a current inspection tag. FDC or Fire Department Connections must be marked.

  • Commercial cooking hoods and ducts must be clean and free of grease accumulations this is a 6 month inspection.

  • Storage areas, warehouses and similar areas where the top of storage can exceed 12 feet in height may have special requirements.  Call the fire inspector to find out if your building is approved for high storage.

  • Most electrical appliances should be plugged directly into a wall outlet.  Extension cords are allowed in limited circumstances, generally with small portable appliances.  Use a power strip with over current protection instead.

  • There must be 36 inches of clearance in front of electric panels.

  • Make sure all junction boxes and switches are covered with the appropriate and undamaged cover.

  • Fire extinguishers must be tested by a 3rd party yearly.  Signs marking location of the extinguisher must be posted over extinguisher.

  • All businesses with fire alarm systems or sprinkler systems are required to have lock boxes.  These boxes can be ordered directly through the fire department.

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