Request for Letters of Interest - Johnson Street Sidewalk
Posted on Tuesday August 03, 2021


The Town intends to select a qualified firm to provide services listed in this RFLOI (LETTERS of INTEREST) from qualified firms to provide professional consulting services to:

Provide PS&E package (Planning, Environmental Documentation, Design Specifications, Utility Relocation, Contract Proposal, & Engineer Estimate). Design and construct five-foot-wide concrete sidewalk on North Side only of Johnson SR 1203 (Johnson St), from US 15-501 to Mike Place in Aberdeen.  The project will be partially reimbursed with Federal-aid funding through the NCDOT and direct coordination with NCDOT personnel will be required.

LOI requirements:

If your firm has not renewed its application as required by your anniversary date or if your firm is not currently prequalified, please submit an application to NCDOT prior to submittal of LOI (Prequalifying Private Consulting Firms).

The LOI must also include the information outlined below:

Chapter 1 -   Introduction

The Introduction should demonstrate the consultant's overall qualifications to fulfill the requirements of the scope of work and should contain the following elements of information:

      • Expression of firm’s interest in the work;
      • Statement of whether firm is on register;
      • Date of most recent private engineering firm qualification;
      • Statement regarding firm ‘s (’) possible conflict of interest for the work; and
      • Summation of information contained in the letter of interest.

Chapter 2 -   Team Qualifications

This chapter should elaborate on the general information presented in the introduction, to establish the credentials and experience of the consultant to undertake this type of effort.  The following must be included:

  1. Identify recent, similar projects the firm, acting as the prime contractor, has conducted which demonstrates its ability to conduct and manage the project.  Provide a synopsis of each project and include the date completed, and contact person.
  2. If subconsultants are involved, provide corresponding information describing their qualifications as requested in bullet number 1 above.

Chapter 3 -   Team Experience

This chapter must provide the names, classifications, and location of the firm’s North Carolina employees and resources to be assigned to the advertised work; and the professional credentials and experience of the persons assigned to the project, along with any unique qualifications of key personnel.  Although standard personnel resumes may be included, identify pertinent team experience to be applied to this project.  Specifically, the Department is interested in the experience, expertise, and total quality of the consultant's proposed team.  If principals of the firm will not be actively involved in the study/contract/project, do not list them.  The submittal shall clearly indicate the Consultant’s Project Manager, other key Team Members and his/her qualifications for the proposed work. Also, include the team’s organization chart for the Project / Plan.  A Capacity Chart / Graph (available work force) should also be included.  Any other pertinent information should also be listed in this section.

Note:  If a project team or subconsultant encounters personnel changes, or any other changes of significance dealing with the company, NCDOT should be notified immediately.

Chapter 4 -   Technical Approach

The consultant shall provide information on its understanding of, and approach to accomplish, this project, including their envisioned scope for the work and any innovative ideas/approaches, and a schedule to achieve the dates outlined in this RFLOI (if any project-specific dates are outlined below).


                    CONSULTANT CERTIFICATION Form RS-2


If submitting by mail, two (2) total copies of the LOI should be submitted to the following:

Town of Aberdeen
Planner Danielle Orloff
PO Box 785
Aberdeen, NC 28315

All LOIs are limited to fifteen (15) pages (RS-2 forms are not included in the page count) inclusive of the cover sheet, and shall be typed on 8-1/2” x 11” sheets, single-spaced, one-sided.

Fold out pages are not allowed.  In order to reduce costs and to facilitate recycling; binders, dividers, tabs, etc. are prohibited.  One staple in the upper left-hand corner is preferred.

LOIs containing more than fifteen (15) pages will not be considered. Electronic LOIs should be submitted in .pdf format using software such as Adobe, CutePDF PDF Writer, Docudesk deskPDF, etc. The address for electronic deliveries is: [email protected].

LOIs MUST be received ELECTRONICALLY OR BY MAIL no later than 5:00 PM September 30, 2021.  Any proposal received after this date and time will not be considered.  All qualified firms interested are encouraged to submit proposals.  The Town of Aberdeen will select the most qualified firm to meet the needs of the Town of Aberdeen for this project.  Upon selection, fees for the proposed work will be negotiated with the selected firm.  The Town of Aberdeen is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Small businesses, minority owned businesses, and women owned businesses are encouraged to bid.

Town of Aberdeen NC | 115 N. Poplar Street, Post Office Box 785 Aberdeen, NC 28315
Phone: 910-944-1115
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