Do You Use Your Recycle Container?
Posted on Monday March 04, 2013

The Town of Aberdeen started a Curbside Recycle Program three years ago to help in keeping as much waste out of the landfills as possible. The cost of recycling is less than the cost of taking waste to the landfill.

The Curbside Recycle program is voluntary but it is highly encouraged that all citizens participate.  However, some residents have various reasons to not recycle; inconvenience should not be one of them.  The recycle containers provided to each residence is 95 gallons and only has to be rolled to the curbside twice a month.  Not knowing what to recycle should not be a reason either.  All items on the list below can just be tossed into the container loose.

Residents who do not recycle and have no plans to recycle should contact the Public Works Department at 944-7012 or 944-7799 to have their recycle container picked up.  This will allow the Town to distribute containers to those who want to recycle without having to purchase extra containers.

The containers that are empty and not being used are one of the biggest expenses for the Town. 

Items to recycle:

·          Plastics numbered 1 through 7
·          Glass of any color
·          Aluminum cans
·          Tin or metal cans
·          Unwaxed cardboard like cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc.
·          Pizza boxes
·          Newspaper including advertising inserts
·          Magazines, catalogues, brochures, etc. shiny or not
·          Shredded paper (only item accepted in a bag)
·          Aluminum foil
·          Junk mail
·          Other items with a recycle triangle

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